Astro 120 MacLab/Help Room Hours

Fall 2017

The Help Room is located in Physics B49,
i.e. the Physics/Astronomy MacLab

Astro 120 TAs will hold their helproom hours at the MacLab. In the schedule below, Astro 120 folks are listed in boldface. Other Astro TAs (i.e. Astro 150) are listed in plain text; those folks can certainly be of help for most of your questions. Empty times in the schedule below are staffed by MacLab monitors, who may or may not be able to answer your astronomy questions.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:00closedAl LawrenceCory SchrandtCory Schrandtclosed
10:00-11:00Mengyao Huang Mengyao Huang
1:00-2:00 Brandon Marshall
2:00-3:00 reserved - Astro 344L
3:00-4:00Travis YeagerBrandon Marshall Al Lawrence
4:00-5:00closedTravis YeagerMengyao HuangMengyao Huangclosed

Dr. Kawaler will be available for office hours from 2:15-4:00PM on Thursdays, in room A529 Zaffarano Hall.

In addition to these hours, the TAs and Profs. Kawaler and Struck are available at other times; please don't hesitate to contact them directly to set up a private meeting time.

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