Project Groups and presentation order

The table below gives the memebership of each of the 11 project groups for this term, and the presentation order. Note that Monday is December 4, Wendnesday is December 6, and Tuesday is December 12 (finals week) at 12:00.

We expect all students to show up for each of these three meetings, to see what other groups have come up with and to ask questions.

Presentations should last at most 10 minutes (including question time). Remember not to worry about giving introductory background - all members of the class are up-to-speed on what goes into designing a solar system. Tell us what makes your system interesting or unusal, and explain how those peculiarities are consistent with what we know about solar system physics.

Have fun with this!

GroupMembersOrder    GroupMembersOrder
1 Jeff Groves
Mike Matula
Brian Voas
Wed. #3 6 Jake Sullivan
Russell Strope
Andrew Pertz
Wed. #5 or Tues. #1
2 Jaimi Yost
Jeremiah Sheedy
Dan Olson
Scott Reising
Mon. #2 7 Ben Kalkwarf
Chris Brown
Tony Ette
Wed. #1
3 Drew Schultz
Jeffrey Sowa
Elaine Ng
Wed. #4 8 Brian Kaplinger
Vishal Patel
Andrew Mevissen
Michael Dorothy
Mon. #3
4 Katie Fendrick
David Jacobson
Jason Murphy
David Rathiel
Mon #1 9 Devin Bickner Tues. #2
5 Jeff Van Dorn
Kevin Houstman
Mark Horlocker
Tues. #2 10 Ryan Patrick
Joe Fuller
Wed. #2
11 Michael Rockwell Tues. #3